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Using Hangers to Organise Your Closet

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Uniform hangers

Using a consistent style of hangers adds instant organisation to your closet space by keeping garments at the same level. In addition, consider colour coordinating your clothing to make putting together outfits easier.

Photo Source: How Does She

Hanger direction

If you’re unsure about which clothes to keep and which clothes to give away (because you never wear them), turn all the clothes in your closet facing in one direction (let’s say out). As you wash, wear and return your clothes to the closet, do so with the hanger facing in the opposite direction (in). At the end of the year, you’ll know the hangers facing out are the ones you never wore and are prime candidates for a purge.

Photo Source: Ray and Jen

Space-saving Hangers

There are several options including velvet hangers which are flat and fit more garments per inch on the rod or tiered hangers for pants, skirts or blouses. Opt for these type of hangers if your closet space is limited to one rod.

Photo Source: Simplify 101

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