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Clothing and Accessory Storage Beyond the Closet

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Three storage spots you may be overlooking in your bedroom for clothing and accessories are over the door, under the bed and your walls.
While you may be familiar with traditional over door shoe bags which tend to have 10-12 pockets, if you can, opt for something with more capacity such as the 26 pair over door shoe organiser, where the shoes slide into side pockets rather than from the top. Also, a quick tip if you tend to have a lot of flipflops and sandals, consider storing those in an open basket or bin such as this eyelet tote you can tuck in a corner or on a shoe rack (you can just fit more in a basket).

You can also use your door to store your handbags. For example, a purse rack holds large-size handbags.

On to walls, what could you possibly store on a wall?

Your clothing! Walls are nice open, expansive spaces. A lot of people will complain they don’t have any floor space, but you probably have wall space. That’s where hooks and hangers come in. For example, our wall-mount hooks are great for clothing you may be re-wearing. If you prep your clothes for the week, then this a great way to keep them wrinkle free. There are also hanging jewellry bags with pockets or tabs for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, usually double-sided. Hang those from a small wall hook.

Last but not least, under the bed. First, create that additional capacity under the bed with bed risers which give you a bit more height to store things. And then of course, you can utilise the shoe bags with dividers as well as low profile boxes –underbed storage boxes- that can hold an assortment of items.
One final with accessories in particular, it’s ok to break up your storage areas- the key is to maintain accessibility for the items you have. If you have a lot of shoes, they don’t have to fit on one rack, you might keep your work shoes on a rack in the closet, your special occasion shoes in shoes boxes under the bed and then an overdoor shoe bag for your casual shoes. That’s ok.

Second, before you shop for a single solution, know what you have and what will fit. Count your handbags, measure your spaces, that way you ensure that you find the solution that works perfectly for you.
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