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Really Cool Spots to Store Pots, Pans and their Lids!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Chunky, clunky pots and pans aren’t limited to a shelf in your kitchen base cabinet.

As these photos show, even your walls can be used for pot storage.

First up, storing the lids- storing lids separately allows you to nest the individual pots better and allows protects delicate glass lids from scratches and breakage.

1. Use a towel bar or kitchen rail on the inside of a cabinet or pantry door to hold lids.

2. Mount a lid rack on the inside of the cabinet. This works perfectly for this space as the top shelf is not the same depth as the cabinet.

3. If you do not have the drawer space, you can of course use a regular shelf.

Yes, you can store the pots and pans in the cupboard- but better.

1. A spinning lazy susan in a corner cabinet creates easy access.

2. A slide-out metal tiered rack, with some pots turned on their sides, also ensures ease of access

3. A frying pan rack- who would have thought? Pans are stored and separated by size.

Hang them out in the open.

1. Brightly coloured pegboard with hooks is a useful place to store pots and pans particularly in a small kitchen.

2. There’s that rail again. This time to hold pans too on s-hooks

3. A smaller bar on the side of the cabinet is a good idea if you need the storage but n the display

Just a few more ideas...

1. A free-standing metal pot rack stores a colourful collection while taking up minimal floor space.

2. A deep drawer holds pots and pans while a shorter drawer is the perfect place to keep lids nearby.

3. Hang pots and pans over the island with a do-it-yourself wooden rack.

And because this space was so drool-worthy, we leave you with this tall pot and pan built-in cabinet.

Photo Source: A Culltivated Nest

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