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It's The Little Things: Challenge 19- Minimise Food Waste and Sort Your Fridge

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

There’s something so wrong about throwing out food, right? But from days-old leftovers to wilted

vegetables to expired condiments, keeping the fridge de-cluttered is not only visually appealing, it could also be essential to your health.

This challenge takes a more proactive approach by focusing on minimising food waste and keeping food fresher longer.

Think Eat Save gives a basic recap of the tips above as well as additional information on methods for preserving food.

BuzzFeed put together this very useful infograph on where and how to long to store common fruits, vegetables and dairy. There are quite a few eye-opening tips on this that you'll want to save for reference (maybe on the fridge?)

For more on fridge organisation, make sure to check out a previous post - Fridge and Freezer Organisation Tips.

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