Get the Look- Kitchen Pantry

Although large reach-in kitchen pantries might be considered luxury storage in Barbados, there are quite a few clever elements featured in this space that you can incorporate into any kitchen cupboard regardless of the size.

Prices valid till November 4, 2016

1. Clear containers are undoubtedly the best way to organise food storage. They offer stacking options and of course visibility so you know when you're running low.

2. Turntables work well for large condiments and spice bottles and also aid in visibility in deeper cupboards.

3. Tiered organisers (this one is also expandable) also solve the visibility issue by stepping up products at different levels.

4. Bins, of course, are the perfect solution to corral items on shelves - think snacks and single use items.

5. Recycling bins (also stackable) are placed on the floor of this pantry. They also offer great storage under the sink or in a garage.

6. Use a serving tray for easy grab and go convenience for breakfast items or your baking station.

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