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5 Genius Ways to Use Magazine Organisers

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Whether paperboard, mesh or plastic, magazine organisers are already quite versatile to jazz up storage of magazines on a bookshelf or desk. However, you can use them for much more than magazines as these ideas show- use them in the kitchen, closet and more.

1. Use a magazine organiser to store clutches and small handbags upright on the shelf.

Photo Source: Little Bits of Lovely

2. A mesh magazine organiser is perfect for storing potatoes and onions with its tiny holes allowing ventilation for dry goods.

Photo Source: Life At Home

3. Turn the magazine organiser on its side and store pasta boxes (or even foil and plastic wrap boxes).

Photo Source: Unknown

4. Gift bags, ribbons and other accessories are stored effortlessly in a series of magazine organisers nested in a large woven basket.

Photo Source: I Heart Organising

5. Mount a plastic magazine holder on the inside of the bath cabinet to store hair tools.

Photo Source: Sugar Bee Crafts

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