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5 Genius Ways to Use Over-Door Shoe Bags

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

1. In the bathroom to store toiletries, bottles and supplies (particularly where storage is limited, you’ll always have a door!) Look for clear options so you can see what you have and make sure to spread the weight evenly.

2. In a child’s room to store Barbies and dolls – it’s like they have their own sleeping compartments.

3. In a baby’s room store everyday essentials, linens, hats, socks and more. An over door shoe bag with its multiple compartments will keep items organized and easily accessible.

4. In a laundry or utility room for cleaning supplies. You can keep track of your inventory at a glance.

5. Use an over door shoe bag in your craft space to store fabric scraps and supplies.

What are some of your other favourite uses for over door shoe bags? Hair accessories? Cords? Gift wrap?

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