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Wedding Registry
  • Free registry cards and gift wrapping

  • Personalised in-store consultation to select registry items

  • Regular updates and notifications on the status of your list

  • Free gift from remaining items on registry (equal to 10% of completion total)

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Organising Services
  • Consultation to assess the space and discuss client needs and challenges

  • Development of an organisational action plan related to sorting items, recommended product solutions, implementation timelines and costs of all products/additional services

  • Evaluation of outcomes one month after implementation of action plan

  • Ready to get started? Please complete our Contact form


Online Shopping

What you can buy online: All items excluding stackable and cube organisers and ventilated shelving.


Payment methods are currently offline only.


After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. Items ordered online are delivered for a small fee or can be collected in store.


Prices on our website are in Barbados dollars and vat inclusive.

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