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All Stacked Up

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Photo Source: BHG

This reach-in closet may look familiar with its standard hanging rod and overhead shelf. But there are a few unique special features that help maximise space.

Since there are no built-in drawers or chest of drawers within the space, three stacking baskets (shown on the right) with a low open front are put to good use to store folded clothes. These stacking baskets would also work perfectly to store handbags and even in a child's closet for toys.

Similarly, two sets of stacking drawers store shoes (peep the ones overhead too) and other personal effects.

These are simple, practical additions that can be incorporated into any space. By using stacking units, you choose the height that works with your space.

The draped curtains also offer a cheaper alternative to bifold doors and are easily installed with cup hooks holding a stretchy curtain rod.



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