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Why You Need a Command Centre in Your Home

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Think about all of the stuff and information that flows in to your home on a daily basis. Think about all the clutter that alone generates. Think about a better solution to control it all. That’s where a command centre comes in.

More commonly heard in a military context, we’re talking about a family command centre to centralize your family’s operations.

And the great thing is that your command centre doesn’t require a whole other room in your home; consider adapting a part of your kitchen, hallway or some other nook where stuff commonly piles up anyway.

Designing a command centre is really about what will serve your family best, but a few common elements include:

· Large family calendar

· Chalkboards or message boards

· Hooks (e.g. for backpacks)

· Trash can

· Wall file holders or stacking trays (sorted by family member or action to be taken)

Make sure the entire family is on board with how to use the command centre and where to find things as this isn’t your ordinary dumping ground.

Your family command centre solves common organizing problems by creating a place to:

· Create a centralized spot for children to place homework to review, permission slips or letters from the school and you all avoid lost in backpack purgatory

· Keep track of party invites, after-school activities, medical appointments and assign a parent or sibling with chauffeur duty

· Sort bills

· Find stationery and supplies easily

Personalise your command centre to your family’s habits and your home’s décor. A few examples below:

Photo Source: Just a Girl and Her Blog

Photo Source: Simple As That Blog

Photo Source: Real Simple

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