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Think Inside the (Shoe) Box

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Are you giving Imelda Marcos a run for her money with your shoe collection? It's fitting (see what we did there) that you find a proper storage solution that helps you protect that investment. Clear shoes boxes offer a number of benefits:

1. They protect your shoes from dust

2. They allow you to see your shoes

3. They give you more options for where to store your shoes.

We size up (ha, we promise to stop) two options using clear shoe boxes.

In the first photo, a linen closet was converted to a shoe closet where stacks of clear boxes were placed on the shelves and an over door shoe bag hung on the door.

Photo Source: Woman's Day

The new shoe closet fits an impressive 57 pairs of shoes and offered a contained but accessible option for the shoe collection.

Clear shoe boxes are stacked on open shelving in the second photo. We especially love this idea for a walk-in closet. Visually too, it's very impactful to store shoes by colour.

This space-saving option fits 70 pairs of shoes!

Photo Source: Howard's Storage World


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