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4 Easy Ways to Set up a Recycling Station

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Photo Source: BHG

1. Stackable containers are the perfect option for organising your recycling since they allow for quick and easy sorting.

Be sure to look for containers with an adequate lip to prevent items from falling out.

Also, consider using the same containers for transport of your recycling items.

2. If your recycling spot is within your kitchen, double sliding trash cans - one for trash and one for recyclables - keep everything hidden from sight but easily accessible.

Photo Source: BHG

3. Stuff your plastic bags for reuse in a wall-mount or door-mount bag holder.

4. If you're tight on space, mount multiple bags like this Eco Crunch Tote to the wall by its loops. It folds flat when not in use!

We thought these recycling station set-ups were pretty cool too...

Photo Source: Plastics Make It Possible

Photo Source: Real Simple

Photo Source: Time with Thea

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