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Nail Polish Organisation Tips

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

We spotted this adaptation of a spice rack for nail polish storage and it was love at first sight!

This is another favourite since it holds up to 40 bottles!

Both organisers hold to one of the basic principles of being organised- if you see what you have and there is easy access, you use it. Plus nail polish is colorful and it's visual so why not display it instead of tucking it away in a box or drawer.

Unlike other types of beauty products, nail polish does not have a recommended shelf life so until it turns on you by turning hard or until it's all gone, you are likely to have a bottle around for a while.

Just remember to keep your nail polish away from direct sunlight. And out of the bathroom. Bathrooms with their constantly fluctuating temperatures can quicken the demise of your nail polish.

We thought filling a jar with nail polishes was a cute DIY idea. Turns out it's a no-no. Always store your bottle upright too or you may be stuck (literally) with a top that can't be opened.

Do you organise your nail polish by brand, by type or by colour?


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