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How to use Shelf Dividers

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Slide on shelf dividers onto solid shelves or hook into ventilated shelves to keep accessories, stacks of towels or sheets, shirts and books upright.

1. HandBags

2. Linens

3. Clothing

Shelf dividers are a great option for a young child’s closet so you can separate by size, e.g. 0-3M, 6-9M, 24M, etc.

Before you buy, figure out how many stacks of clothing you want to organise and measure the thickness of and height between your shelves. Most dividers work for a maximum of 3/4” thick.

One great plus of shelf dividers is that they can be relocated as needed!

(Photo Sources: The Container Store, IVillage, Remove and Replace)


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