Pimp My Small Kitchen Inspired- 5 Ideas

Apartment Therapy recently featured 10 rental-friendly improvements for a small kitchen. Here’s our favourite 5 you can find in store.

1. Stylish baskets resting on top of cabinets hold rarely used items and extra supplies. Look for a basket with handles to make taking down and putting back up the baskets easier.

2. Over the fridge is prime real estate in a small kitchen. You can store cookbooks in this 2 cube organiser. Or place other items like cereal and food storage containers on top of the fridge. If you’re vertically challenged, you may want to consider keeping a folding step stool in the kitchen on a simple hook so items on the fridge don’t get lost.

3. Microfiber drying mats ensure items dry properly way better than a kitchen towel would and don’t end up soaking wet either. If you have limited counter space, fold it back up when you’re dishware is dry. These mats are perfect for after entertaining clean-up when you have more than a usual number of dishes so they work well in larger kitchens too.

4. Vertical Shelving. True confession my current kitchen has no cupboards, so open shelving has been a must-have for food staples and dishes. Look out for our new selection of shelving brackets coming soon.

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

5. Use over cabinet baskets or bars in your space (if you are fortunate to have actual cabinets) for spices, plastic bags, towels, cleaning products, the list goes on. These ones hang over the door so no need to worry about drilling and extra holes in the wall.

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