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How I Organise My Home- Makeup & Hair Stuff

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

First in the series- how I organise my makeup and hair stuff. I planned my closet in much detail so there is plenty of space to fit everything. What I want to highlight is the practical smaller solutions I incorporated.

My makeup collection consists of two eyeshadow palettes and two (yes you read that right) lipsticks, the latter of which have now found their permanent home in my handbag, so this solution may not work for everyone. But it's perfect for me. This organiser holds the palettes, brushes, foundation, and my daily used collection of hairpins and safety pins. I used to have a simple vanity tray which I passed on to hubby. But now I am all about anything with compartments (like how each pair of earrings has their own spot in the jewellry box, more on that in a future series). Unfortunately, the other personal essentials don't fit but they aren't too cluttered on the vanity.

Hair products (there are a lot) have a home on two gray bins on the shelf (for similar, shop here). I love them because they are a perfect fit on the shelf and just the right height for bottles (not too visible) and jars (not too deep). The first bin holds products currently in use and the second bin is actually kind of empty with just some travel bottles. The rest of my Curlkit products are in their original boxes (I sorted them by type and not month they arrived). They were free. They stacked well. They fit. So they stayed. Oh yea, totally forgot about my 'hair' collection. There is not too much of that but the packs are in a clear shoe box on a shelf below.

Hair accessories and tools are kept in a drawer. The clear box with hair bands, etc. I have owned for well over ten years. The basket I borrowed (permanently) from my mom and that holds nail polishes and files and the ceramic thing with the hair pins- don't even remember. So seriously, use what you have!

I love this Linus drawer organiser for my hair combs and brushes. They should probably be separated into two organisers but I don't use those things too often so not bothered yet. The hair dryer and flat irons are straight in the drawer. I could have bought smaller sized Linus organisers so the drawer was visually more coordinated, but I was happy with the function the pre-owned containers offered.

None of the items I purchased from the store were over $30 individually so hopefully you have some simple, inexpensive ways to organise your own cosmetics, hair products and personal essentials.

Who can gush so much about organising stuff. Me! Look out for the second part of this series soon.


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