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How I Organise My Home- The Bathrooms

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Simple, clutter-free bathroom storage- that was the goal. That meant no shower caddies or extra bathroom storage furniture. So where does the stuff actually go? Well, truthfully there is not much.

Bathroom 1

In the guest bathroom, which we use from time to time, a medicine cabinet stores some extra toiletries and shampoos. On first glance it may seem small, but having only one shelf worked well for the taller bottles.

The oak frame on the cabinet complements the beige and bronze accents in the bathroom. My only wish is that the cabinet were a little deeper as closing requires the bottles to be turned just right.

In the shower, two suction organisers- the Pebblz Toothbrush Holder and the Suction Razor Holder adhere to the tile. Does suction work? Definitely yes, but it depends. This particular tile is extremely smooth- no texture or raised sections on the tile.

Every couple of weeks, I remove the actual toothbrush holder from the suction cup to get rid of any soap scum.The razor holder was re-purposed to hang a washcloth and scrub brush.

Liquid soap just sits on the ledge of the window. If we do ever get a shower caddy, it would be the bronze Classico caddy to match the Loop Bowl Brush.

Master Bathroom

This bathroom is still a work-in-progress. But in the shower we opted for a built-in recess. The Gina tumbler holds toothbrushes and toothpaste and the Wave soap saver keeps soap gunk-free. These were really easy-to- incorporate products and together were under $20.

After observing hubby's preference for leaning the toothbrushes in the corner of the recess, I decided a open-mouth tumbler would be best. (Quick tip- see what habits form and how you use your space before you fill it up with organisers.)

A minimalist bathroom may not work for everyone but incorporating simple ideas and organisers allowed us to maximise function in both bathrooms.

Items that are not used daily like shampoos stay within my hair products bin (see here).


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