Make It! - a First Aid Kit

A handled box with fold out trays and a deep interior, a clear case with interchangeable dividers and a simple clip case become the perfect storage containers for customized first aid kits as these bloggers’ photos show.

Photo Source: I Heart Organising

Photo Source: Frosted Fingers

Photo Source: Clean and Scentsible

The type of container you ultimately choose will depend on your need for portability and quantity of contents to be stored. You might even create multiple versions, for example, one kit for the car or one that older children are allowed to access for basic nicks and scrapes, etc.
Some ideas of what you might want to keep in your home-made first aid kit are band-aids, medical tape, safety pins, alcohol pads or wet wipes, a hot/cold pack or whatever you find yourself searching for when those little accidents happens
One major benefit of creating your own first aid kit is that you eliminate the clutter that can arise from packaging.
Medication should be as always safely and securely stored.
This super easy project lets you find essential supplies quickly when you really need them- and that’s what being organised is all about!. Similar products can be found here.

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