How I Organise My Home- My Favourite Organisers Under $15.00

  1. Wave Soap saver- $3.50

It’s such a simple idea, a piece of plastic with some holes that apparently stops your soap from getting gunky. Okaayyy. I have this and a plastic soap box with round holes at the base. The large soap saver is the better choice and actually does what it says- it saves the soap! In the regular soap box, the soap is almost always water-logged.

  1. Lingerie Wash Bag- $5.00

I don’t use this every wash cycle, but it serves its purpose for brassieres. I also washed my wedding dress in this wash bag (it’s knee-length if you’re wondering how it fit in) and all of the feathery accents stayed on the dress.

  1. Photo Case- $8.50

Staying on the wedding theme for a minute, I had cameras on each guest table which meant dozens of photos. This photo case was a practical way to store them since multiple albums would have taken up too much space.

  1. Rod Hook 4- $10.40

I have owned one of these for years! My belt collection expanded and now I have two. There are four hooks on each unit, but you can fit about two to three belts per hook. On the first rod hook, of course, each hook is colour-coordinated and the second one I use for belts for specific outfits. Love them!

  1. Add-on Blouse/Suit Hangers- $11.75

Add the 4 tier skirt hanger and blouse tree to my hanger favourites (also under $15.00), I use the add-on blouse hanger to coordinate outfits for the upcoming week. Skirt on the clips, blouse slid over- simple!

  1. Medium Drawer Organisers s/2- $14.00

I have also owned these for years! I am not a fan of plastic in closets, but the frosted look on these drawer organizers makes them more appealing to me. I primarily use these drawer organizers for underwear and in the closet drawers. I also have a set in which I roll and store my nightwear. And because no-one needs to see a photo of my underwear, generic photo above…

  1. Blanket Bag- $14.50

Over ten years ago, when I moved back home from wintery climes, I bought one of these for my winter jackets and sweaters. I haven’t had the need to open it recently, but it is still going strong. And the best thing is that the clothes don’t come out with a ‘funky, put down for long’ smell because the tiny holes in the fabric allow contents to breathe.

  1. Blue Mesh Tote- $12.90

Ok, so I don’t own this one personally, but I do use it from time to time to take clothes to the laundry for a family member. It is so unbelievably strong for something made out of fabric mesh.

  1. Oblong 24 Clip Hanging Dryer- $13.75

This dryer moves all around the house- laundry room, multiple bathrooms, outside on the clothesline. It is used to dry all kinds of things- cleaning cloths, underwear, clothing. That versatility has allowed it to serve me well.

  1. LinusDrawer Organisers- $10.50

These are a new addition to my collection of organising products, but their versatility also makes them a staple. I have also incorporated larger sizes in other drawers around the house. (Oh, they are so new- I forgot to take off the labels.)

Sometimes it’s the little things and simple concepts that allow you to store, access and use items you love and want to protect.