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How to Maximise A Small Laundry Room

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

In order to determine how best to utilise your laundry room space, first identify the essential functions in your laundry room. Washing clothes is obvious but what about drying, ironing, folding and storing clothes?

Some laundry rooms may really just be a laundry wall, so if your intent is to use the space for all five functions, read on for neat ideas on the wall and around the washer. There are some basic principles you’ll want to apply like looking for solutions that are collapsible, multi-functional and used off the floor.

Space-Saving Laundry Room Solutions for Drying

Wall-mount solutions over the washer or on an adjoining wall allow you to dry lightweight garments after the wash. Rod or line options such tend to be most common. These solutions are doubly space-saving as they hide or retract when not in use.

A Tripod Drying Rack or Steel Folding Drying Rack can be used outdoors on a patio but folded up and stored alongside the washing machine to put away.

Space-Saving Laundry Room Solutions for Pressing

You can reconsider use of a traditional ironing board. For example, a Washing Machine Ironing Mat is flat and foldable or a TableTop Ironing Board has a slim profile and works well on counters or even the bed. Or, there is the option for an Overdoor Ironing Board which flips down to use and stays on the back of a door.

Screw-mount or over door Ironing Board Holders allow a traditional ironing board, iron and other accessories to be stored conveniently out of the way.

Space-Saving Laundry Room Solutions for Storing

Of course, there are only so many things you can store over the door, so your ultimate solution should ideally take all challenges into consideration. If storing clothing is the priority, an overdoor hamper (great for baby clothes and supplies by the way), is a practical hamper.

Other Space-Saving Laundry Room Solutions

Basic wall-mount shelves with baskets to sort and corral supplies are the most space efficient way to add storage for laundry room supplies. An Over Washer Shelf is also great for apartment dwellers since it creates storage without the need for drilling holes in the wall.

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