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Back-to-School for Grown-ups- An Office Refresh

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Ahh, back-to-school- a time for new beginnings for the kiddos, why not for the adults too?

Use this time of year to inspire a refresh of your office space.

Create an Inspiration Board

Whether it’s your favourite motivational quote or visuals that make you smile, an inspiration board is a great way to personalize your office space. Meaningful Meandering, describes it as a way to engage in creative play without the limitations.

A series of pant hangers clamp on to paper for an easy-to-change inspiration board. Or add a row of frames on top of a floating shelf.

Photo Source: Budget Wise Home

Photo Source: Fifteen Minute Plan

Organise Your Computer Files

Our blog post, ‘Organising Paper…What Goes Where?’ covers details on purging paper documents. Sorting and purging electronic files and email is as essential.

Review files in your download folder, remove unnecessary shortcuts from your desktop and create sub-folders in your main documents folder.

Moritz Fine Designs blog shares some pretty backgrounds to organise your desktop. There’s nothing like a little reward to make an organising project more worthwhile.

Add Some Colour

If you don’t have the budget (or will) to repaint your office space, look for other ways to add colour with plants or fun desk accessories.

Pops of pink bring life to an otherwise neutral office space.

Photo Source: Woman's Day

Lime green and baby blue work well together to create a coordinated and calming work space.

Photo Source: BHG

Our Frisco collection and poly organizers are similarly colourful office accessories.

Control Your Cables

Visual clutter can contribute to mental clutter and negatively impact on productivity. You’d be amazed the big impact a little thing like hiding cables can have on the look and feel of your space.

Happy Organising!

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