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Toy Organisation with Cubeicals

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

We’re so fascinated, in love, obsessed with the possibilities of modular storage cubeicals that we dedicated a whole Pinterest board to them.

Available in 2 cube (a wall-mount version), 6, 8 and 9 cube with select styles in white and/or espresso and even mini for desktops, they’re super versatile. Each cube measures roughly 12” square and you can display items on the shelves as is or hide away in available fabric bins. The fabric bin selection includes blue, cabarnet, mocha, natural, red, lime green, black, fuschia, purple, ocean blue and dark green.

Knowing how much we love ‘real-world’ projects, we rounded up some blogger featured photos of cubeicals in action.

Photo Source: Coffee in the Woods

Photo Source: Simplified By Bobbie

Photo Source: Third Stop on the Right

Cubeicals make tidy up time easy- just dump toys back into the bin and slide on the shelf and also allows young children to narrow in on what they want to play with. Action figures, racing cars, blocks- sort and separate into specific bins so toys are always easy to find.

You can also check them out on our shelving gallery.

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