How I Organise My Home- Master Bathroom Update

You would have had a peek at the pre-existing shower area in this post. Now that the built-ins are complete, I have to come up with ideas to organise the following spaces, so think of this post as a planning out loud. Should I store towels or washcloths in the cabinet? Will I move my hair products and tools to the drawers? Decisions!


The countertop will definitely only hold the basics- toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap. Since our linen colour scheme is currently grey and yellow, I am looking for countertop bath organisers in nickel to match the hardware or in grey to match the linens (and tiles).

Currently, we have the Gina tumbler from the Gina collection on the right, so I will either continue to add products from that collection or use the Franklin collection in smoke. Or (so many choices) use the Med+ Dental Centre which holds both the toothbrushes and toothpaste, i.e. one less thing on the counter with just the Gina soap dish. Or just add the Gina soap dish and attempt to stuff everything in the Gina tumbler as we currently do. Hmmm.

Under the Sink

Why didn’t I have shelves built again? So I face a common conundrum highlighted in this post. Our new under sink organiser strikes me as the perfect thing to create shelving under the cabinet. But it’s plastic. And for some reason, I’m not feeling plastic for this space. Woven baskets are always a great option. I’d still need to add a shelf riser or something similar to utilize the height though. This brings up another question. What am I storing under here again?

Tall Cabinet

I don’t think I’ll be adding any organisers to this space since the shelves are shallow and short in length. The specifications make this cabinet a good fit for face towels, wash cloths and taller bottles.


Linus, of course. There are some wider and deeper options to what we used in the kitchen. I think a mix of the Linus Dresser series will help corral the soaps, toothpaste and everyday toiletries. But I’d need to take measurements to see how they maximize the drawer space. I’m considering setting up two separate his and hers drawers so hubby can free up some closet drawer space for more socks.

See how it all comes together in an upcoming post.