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Closet Organising: A new mom re-discovers her closet style.

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

What happens when a storage and organising retailer and a stylist link up to help a young mother ‘rediscover her closet style?’

The first session of the transformation was a detailed style consultation and assessment of the existing space.

Shawna Morgan, lead consultant for ShawnaRowena M. believes that an individual’s closet should reflect their uniqueness.

“Shanoah’s body has gone though a few changes and dressing for her new body can be emotionally as well as mentally overwhelming,” said Morgan. “In addition, as a young wife and mom, Shanoah had quickly transitioned out of her late teenager and early 20’s dress style. She felt her clothing did not reflect who she was now. The first step of the process was to find out who Shanoah was.”

The second session was a closet purge to decide which clothing items and accessories to keep, toss or donate.

closet purging

“After our two-hour clothing purge session, Shanoah said, ‘well I didn’t cry.’ Even clothes have stories and memories and people have to work through those in keep/toss decisions. But when we went through the process, the emotional attachment she thought would have held her back actually didn’t,” said Erin Monlouis, lead consultant for Sort Your Stuff.

Having gone through the sort and purge process for the closet, a closet plan was developed to maximise all areas and add the right solutions for specific types of accessories including shoes and handbags.

For more information on closet organising services provided by Sort Your Stuff, please click here.

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