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Get the Look- Closets

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

We dig that this reach-in closet squeezes every inch out of the available space.

There are some smart solutions you can incorporate into your own space or you can even replicate from scratch!

Photo Source: A Bowl of Lemons

1. Bins to corral clothing and other items on an overhead shelf cut out collapsing piles. Note though that the bins are labelled- you do still need to know what's in there at a glance.

2. A 'Shelf and Rod' offers a hanging section at the front as well as a shelf for storage- all in one. It's a simple and easy-to-install solution. All you need to do is cut the shelf to fit your space if needed.

3. Closet rod doublers are perfect for a child's closet since their clothing is short. Look at how much extra hanging capacity is available with this ready-to-install rod.

4. Stacked modular organisers (two in this photo) provide storage for shoes as well as smaller items contained in plastic boxes.

5. A low profile box stores all of the extras under the lowest hanging section of clothing.

What's your favourite feature of this closet?

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