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3 Laundry Room Trends We're Loving in 2018

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

· Laundries as lavish looking as kitchens.

From the built-in cupboards to mosaic back-splashes to granite countertops, the only clue that these rooms are laundry rooms is the appliances. And why not? We’re team storage with style so glamming up the laundry room to match your bath, kitchen and closet just makes sense. It’s one of those rooms in your home you can possibly spend a lot of time in doing chores (yawn) but can still be a warm and welcoming space.

Some other details you’ll spot in ultra-elegant laundry rooms include glass canisters for detergent and clothespins and fun wall art and quotes. If you aren’t building or renovating, these little touches can transform the utilitarian look of your space.

· Mega laundry rooms with multiple functions

It seems like we need more space for every element of our lives but we’re mostly into the idea of actually adapting this space to your needs. So a designer or builder may try to sell you on basic plumbing with a single shelf, but if you also need to make your laundry room part linen room, part hobby room, part utility space, or part pantry, then absolutely create the space that will suit your needs. In many cases, there is a huge convenience factor in combining functions of a room, you just need to ensure the room is zoned and laid out to match those functions.

· Built-in everything – drying racks, hampers, hanging stations, folding stations

How do you actually plan to use your laundry room and what’s your laundry room routine? Answering these questions will help guide you on the features you’ll want to incorporate. The great thing about building in is that options can recess or slide to ensure space-saving storage.

Those are our top three, what are you loving in newer laundry rooms? We’re definitely looking forward to laundry room automation being the next big trend.

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