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Top Tips for Space-Saving Travel

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Today’s travel restrictions are no joke with some airlines charging you for every checked piece of luggage.

To save your dollars for the good stuff (i.e. shopping), you’ll need to pack light and right. Here are our top tips to do that.

Compress Your Clothes

Roll your clothing (most of us tend to stack as we do when clothes are folded in the closet) or use vacuum bags that remove the air.

vacuum bags

Dispense Your Beauty Products

Rather than travelling with full-sized versions of your must-have hair and beauty products, opt for small clear containers stashed into a clear bag. If you’re staying at a hotel, consider using their versions of lotions and shampoos that are provided for your convenience.

travel bottles

Keep it Simple

Look for clothing combinations that you can mix up and match so that you can wash and wear outfits more than once. The same goes for shoes- stick to a couple basic, comfortable pairs that can be worn day or night. If you absolutely must take a selection of jewellry, rolled storage options are your best bet.

jewellry roll

Safe travels!

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