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Get Started on Garage Organisation

Updated: Jan 12, 2021


The garage or a car port can be a catch all for everything that won’t fit or doesn’t belong in the house. From paint to sporting equipment, gardening supplies and oh yea, the car, there’s a lot to pack into the space.

  • Start by moving and sorting whatever is on the floor. You may consider hanging equipment or storing within a cabinet. As with any potentially organised space, clearing surfaces is an important first step.

  • Cabinets (the doors help hide stuff) or open shelving can be incorporated into the space to help maximise vertical storage.

  • Watertight or clear plastic bins help sort certain items like Christmas decorations, car cleaning supplies and more. Ideally you’ll want to measure your available shelving space to find boxes that are a perfect fit.

  • If you’re shopping for containers or other storage options, always consider any weight restrictions. Items stored in a garage tend to be bulkier, you’ll want to store those to the bottom with lighter, rarely used items on higher shelves.

If organising your garage seems like an overwhelming task, start with just one wall or type of item.

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