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Tidy Welcome

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Photo Source: Unknown

Even if you only have a slither of space, consider setting up a catch-all organised entryway space for all of the items that are a part of your daily routine.

First decide whether all of the items that accumulate by your front door should stay there. If so, create easily accessible spots for the items that remain.

Create a Spot for Shoes:

Expandable shoe racks or deep wicker or fabric baskets are a must-have so that the pathway remains clear. Think about all of the different sized feet that pass through your home. You’ll need a solution that works for everyone from toddler to adult- some kid’s shoes for example may fall between rodded shoe racks.

Whether it’s a wall-hanging solution or a simple divided basket, incorporate a solution that deals with both incoming and outgoing paperwork. You can also consider setting up your mail sorter by name with respective pockets for the person to whom the information is directed. Just remember to establish a routine for ‘clearing the decks’ so you remove and file papers on a regular basis.

Create a Spot for Keys:

If ‘where did I put my keys?’ sounds like a familiar question in your household, then key racks are a must. You can also hang secondary car keys or a flashlight in the same spot in case of emergencies so everyone knows where to find these items quickly.

Charging stations (whether purchased or do-it-yourself) create a central area for charging phones. Park your phone there if you unwind and unplug once you are at home and collect it on your way out of the house on a morning. These also make great spots for your sunglasses.

Once you find a home for everything that accumulates on the counters and floor of your entry area, it’s a lot easier to keep the space tidy. Don’t forget to incorporate your favourite family photo or a stylish piece of decor!

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