How To Organise Your Makeup

Makeup shelf life can be limited- from a four month useful life for mascara to as little as one year for lipsticks, cleansers, foundations, concealers and a slew of other products. That’s why it’s especially important to keep makeup organised.

First, of course, have a good sort. One of the most practical approaches to sorting makeup is by frequency of use as follows:

  • Special occasion items

  • Items you use every day

  • Things you never use or expired items

  • Duplicates

After sorting, consider your storage options for your makeup- there may be pros and cons depending again on how often you use particular items.

Your counter is a great spot for everyday items as it ensures they are easily accessible. Look for clear solutions that are easy to keep clean.

Clearly Chic Large Tray with Drawer

Clear Drawers

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One drawback of storing makeup on a counter particularly in the bathroom is that it may be exposed to sunlight and/or steam which limits product life.

Keeping makeup in a drawer allows you to keep like products together- in drawer makeup storage can vary from basic trays to fancier expandable or customisable trays. Your budget and size of collection will determine which works best for you.

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After identifying the where and how to store, finally you want to consider the what. You absolutely should divide your makeup storage by type - for example- skin, eyes, lips or by colour - neutrals, metallics and so on.

Don't forget your brushes and other makeup tools- oftentimes a separate makeup bag or case is adequate for those.

For a little more inspiration, view our gallery of organised vanities on Pinterest.

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