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It's the Little Things: Challenge 2- Kitchen Appliances

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Hide them? Display them? Which ones do you never use?

No other item in the house speaks to visions of grandeur more than a kitchen appliance. Remember that “I’m on power shakes for the new year” resolution?

Whether it’s the coffee maker, blender, toaster, microwave, mixer, juicer or food processor, kitchen appliances can be pricey and bulky.

Frequency of use should determine where and how kitchen appliances are stored. Is getting to the item a chore?

De-cluttering kitchen appliances should also be fairly simple. Just be honest with yourself. Do you use it? Will you use it more in the future? Even if use the appliance infrequently, is it used often enough that attempting to borrow it would be a pain? Can someone make better use of this appliance?

Have a re-think on where you store your kitchen appliances- appliance garages, slide-out shelves and drawers and free-standing carts are all great options.

Photo Source: The Kitchn

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Photo Source: BHG

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Photo Source: BHG

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