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Packing Away Christmas Decorations- our top Holiday Storage tips

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Need a good reason to properly store your holiday decorations in something other than degradable plastic and cardboard? We have three! Dirt, dust and bugs.

Although Christmas decorations don’t necessarily have a significant value, you bring these items into your living space at least once a year so you want to ensure that they are kept well protected in suitably designed containers.

1. Separate ornaments particularly fragile pieces or keepsakes. Even unbreakable ornaments are subject to mysterious dings, nicks and dents. An ornament storage container with layers and dividers offer easy access and protection and oftentimes can be re-configured for a range of sizes.

2. Clear containers will be your best weapon in your organising arsenal. Clear gift wrap boxes, ornament boxes and general storage help you to avoid guessing games.

3. Wrap lights to minimise tangles and bulb breakage so that you have functioning lights the next time around.

4. Keep all of your gift wrap supplies in one place so you know what you have on hand. Look for extra long boxes and bags for gift wrap rolls and add dividers or smaller boxes like a ribbon box for the accessories. Utilise under the bed or hang bags on a hook or in a closet for space-saving storage.

5. Save time on re-decorating. Some wreath storage and tree storage options allow you to simply zip up your décor so they are ready to go. Wheeled or handled options are great for totability and even storage.

6. Keep memories and sentiments close at hand with a wall-mounted gift card holder.

For our full selection of holiday storage organizers, visit us in-store or preview a few options here.

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