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How I Organise my Home- 3 Simple Ways I Stay Organised

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

For me being organised is natural, innate, it is the very essence of who I am. Yet many professionals would argue that you are not born organised but rather it is a matter of habits and choices over a period of time.

I decided to share the habits I adopt to stay organised in my home:.

1. Resetting

Things get dropped on counters and on the floor when we feel tired or lazy. Our home is never perfect 24/7, however I do take time to 'reset' or put things back where they belong. This usually happens in small bursts of about five minutes periodically during the week or for about twenty minutes over the weekend. I reset everything on the kitchen counters which we try to keep absolutely clear except for a bread basket, in the closet to hang up lightly worn clothes and by the entry where shoes, socks and transitional items pile up.

2. List-making

This is an important step in clearing mental clutter. We have several more pieces of furniture to buy and projects to finish and it can feel overwhelming. I make simple bullet lists on a tablet and prioritise that list for what's next including putting together a budget for each item.

3. Kick it to the curb

'Have nothing in your home that you do not love or believe to be useful' is my organising mantra. And as such regular purges are essential. I use a medium-sized woven basket as my staging area for clothing on their way out. I decided this past weekend was a good time to go through what was in the basket and make a final toss/donate decision. Most of the shirts were way too faded to be useful to anyone else and I threw those in the garbage. One skirt suit just no longer suited me (no pun intended) so I kept that back for a larger donation pile.

Remember that being organised is not about perfection, it is about using your space and time efficiently. The time it takes to reset spaces, make lists and purge possessions multiplies my time for things I want and love to do.


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