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It's the Little Things: Challenge 6- the "Etc" Drawer

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Junk Drawer- it's only a junk drawer if it contains worthless, useless items. Instead we'll call it the Etc. drawer- that spot (usually in the kitchen) where the miscellaneous stuff lives.

1. Be very strict on what gets put in your Etc. drawer. You may find you have drawers throughout your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom that are dedicated to specific things. Decluttering is likely to involve re-assigning items to where they are used moreso than throwing items away.

2.Always use drawer organisers to avoid a jumbled mess. For an added bonus, drawer liners and a labelling system may help keep the space in order.

3. Tidy and assess the drawer periodically to determine what's working and how you can tweak.

Budget Drawer Organisers

Besides the price, we love these multi-pack drawer organisers because of the interlocking feature. No more sliding around in the drawer!

Mid-Range Drawer Organisers

We're biased but the acrylic look is always classic and stylish and with four different size options, you can mix up these organisers for every drawer.


You'll spend a bit more but these drawer organisers expand to fit your drawer and its contents. You'll find expandable drawer organisers in a range of styles including plastic body, acrylic or bamboo.

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