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It's the Little Things: Challenge 8- Decluttering Makeup

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

We did a quick Q&A with Moden Makeup on how and when to declutter makeup.

1. How closely do you follow makeup 'expiry' dates?

Short answer: almost never.

I go by the look/smell/feel of a product. Powder makeup products last especially long and even longer still if you sanitize them regularly. When you think about how much you spend on makeup, fragrance and skincare you really can't be dumping everything strictly based on the suggested number on their packaging. If you're the sole person using the products and you store them correctly (makeup - away from heat and moisture; perfumes and skincare - away from direct sunlight), I think it's ok to use them for as long as they're usable.

2. Makeup can be sampled through testers, in store consultations etc. How do we still make mistakes in purchasing and any tips on how those mistakes can be avoided?

If you have been fortunate enough to get a sample in Barbados, I'd say the number one way to avoid purchasing mistakes is to wait. That's hilarious coming from an 'instant gratification' girl like myself but I kid you not. You should never buy a complexion product on the spot. You have to wait to see: if it oxidizes, how in looks in different lighting and most importantly; if your skin has an adverse reaction to it. Don't be bullied into purchasing anything. Don't feel obligated because a sales person helped you. With the amount of blogs and YouTube videos available on the internet there's no excuse for not doing your research.

P.S. if anyone attempts to 'match' a complexion product by swatching it on your arm ,thank them for their time and back away slowly.

3. What's the most important thing to keep in mind when organising a makeup collection?

This will vary from person to person but for me I have to use the old adage: "out of sight, out of mind". In my opinion, it is extremely important to have products where you can see them. Not only is it a constant reminder of why you should stop shopping (yeah right), it should also stop you from purchasing numerous things that are too similar. How many peachy-pink blushes does one woman need?

4. Tell us about the Moden Makeup Marketplace, how does it help you declutter your stash?

I had the idea for The Marketplace for years before I told anyone based on seeing how popular blog sales are in the US. I initially thought that it would have been better received from an established makeup retailer but no one I mentioned it to seemed keen. When I brought the concept to Heidi, she immediately approved. Next thing yuh know she created the Facebook page and we were off and running. It's a platform where beauty lovers can buy or swap new or gently loved makeup, nail polish and skincare. Everything is vetted by Heidi and/or myself. The only things we don't accept are opened mascaras and opened lip products that feature wand or doe foot applicators.

De-cluttering can be painful for makeup lovers. I can think of three junkies right now that flat out told me they ain't parting wid nuttin! Personally, I'd prefer for someone else to make good use of something I'm not absolutely loving. The Marketplace allows beauty lovers to get amazing deals on products available locally and even better, access to lots of international high end brands. On the flip side you can make money from things in your collection that are just catching dust.

5. Any previous posts or resources readers can check out for more information on this topic?

There's a whole decluttering movement happening in the YouTube Beauty Community right now. If you search for 'declutter' on that platform you'll find a mobbaton of videos. Interestingly, many of these Content Creators are referencing the KonMari method as their inspiration. I haven't read the book, 'The Life Changing Method of Tidying Up', but what I've gathered is that you're to get rid of whatever doesn't bring you joy. People are decluttering their entire lives.

I've done a few Letting Go posts on the blog where I shed products that didn't work for me. The easiest things I can decide on are lip products and nail polish. I swatch and review a lot of lip products. A lot. So much that there's no way I could keep all of them.

The number one way to avoid all the clutter in the first place is to stick to what you like. There's no need to buy every shade in a lipstick range. Trust me. Do your research before you part with your hardearnt money.

I hope Moden Makeup is one such credible source. For makeup artists, beauty bloggers and just die hard beauty lovers, we just accept the fact that we're gonna have a lot of stuff. Here's where effective organisation is key. Find a system that works for you and keep it clean and tidy.

Find Moden Makeup online at:

Moden Makeup on Instagram, Moden Makeup on Facebook, Moden Makeup Marketplace

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