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It's The Little Things: Challenge 10- Clear Your Car Clutter

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The spot for lunch on the go, business on the go, your daughter's colouring activities-yep your car can be a busy place to be. And with all the activities that take place there (other than driving), you'll find that clutter multiplies quickly. First find a spot for the essentials and then fit in the little conveniences you want to keep with you on the go.

Clutter Hotspot- Glove Compartment

Stacks of old maps, insurance certificates or random receipts may be shoved in the glove compartment and then forgotten. Once the glove compartment is closed, the clutter is all out of sight right? Make a habit though of going through the space once or twice a year. Consider stashing a mini emergency/ essentials kit with basic first aid supplies, a notebook, pen or spare change or even some travel size toiletries. A small make-up bag, mesh travel pouch or mini clear tote make for good catch-alls for such a kit. Or you may stick to the basics in your glove compartment- a car manual and flashlight.

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Clutter Hotspot- Door and Seat Pockets

Because these pockets can be deep- try to store items that will not get lost within the pockets. If your children ride in the back, encourage them to limit or rotate the number of things they store in the pockets. As with the glove compartment, regular editing is essential. Ask yourself if it's important to keep the item in that particular spot on the car or if there is a better home (maybe in the house?) for it. If you don't have seat or door pockets or they don't provide enough storage- backseat and driver organisers- fabric organisers with different-sized pockets that clip around the headrest- are a great option for keeping all the extras off the seats and neatly stored away.

Clutter Hotspot- Cup Holders & Centre Compartments

Keys, coins, cellphone, travel mugs, paperclips, pens- those tiny cup-holders can hold a lot! But don't try to squeeze everything in. These spaces are designed to be quick drop spots rather than a permanent pile-up. You may want to tidy this space every time you leave the car (or at least once a week). Keeping the cup holders clean will definitely be a quick win in de-cluttering your car overall. For security and safety purposes there isn't a lot you'll want to store there anyway.

Photo Source:Good Housekeeping

Clutter Hotspot- The Entire Backseat

Keep the seats clear for you know, sitting.Opt for hanging pockets, open bins and the like to store excess items.


Clutter Hotspot- Trunk

Groceries, luggage when travelling, that's it for most people most of the time. But for some there's a box of car chemicals, work files, work tools, a shoe collection rivaling the one in your closet and even reusable shopping bags. Your trunk can be a cavernous storage space, but use it wisely. When de-cluttering the trunk take everything out and start anew. What stays? What goes? What's the best way to keep like items together? Will you have enough space for the transient items? Corral and contain the items you do choose to store in the trunk whether in plastic storage bins or folding trunk organisers.

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