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It's The Little Things: Challenge 9- Paring Down Books and Magazines

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Confession time- I probably have not tossed a book or magazine in the last ten years. But I also haven't acquired many hard copy versions in that period given the switch over to digital subscriptions and downloadable books.

Since I am still holding on to those issues from 2004 and books from my teen years, I may be the worst person to write an advice piece on how to de-clutter books and magazines.

So here are a few de-cluttering tips you might find useful but which personally I have no plan to follow : )

Photo Source: Simplified by Bobbie

Books to Purge

- Text books outside of your core field of work

- Fairy tales your children have outgrown (see Setting up a Toy Outbox)

- Novels where you hated the storyline

- Inspirational books you want to re-gift to someone you know

- Cookbooks you never use

- Any books with mildew (eww!)

Running out of space with your existing book storage may be a good motivator to do a purge. And there is always the option to simply purge for a purpose- think fund-raising book drives or children's libraries- or to earn a little something, sell your books to a used bookstore.

Following the Konmari method, you'll want to consider every single type of book in your home not just those on display in your bookcase.

Switch up how you organise your books on shelves and on bookcases. From stepped heights to sorting by colour to the very functional ordering by letter of the alphabet, remember that even books can become part of your decor.

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

Where you are pressed for storage, free up floor space and mount shelves on the wall to hold books.

Photo Source: B-Inspired Mama

Magazines to Purge

-Save clippings or snap photos of articles you want to save for reference instead of the bulk of the entire magazine (see photo below).

-Toss or recycle magazines more than a couple years old.

-Toss or recycle magazines with a topic area that no longer interests you.

Photo Source: Make Life Lovely

You can consider a magazine swap with some close friends or donate magazines to churches, businesses with waiting rooms and the like.

Magazines can also form part of your decor when you display them on the wall.

Photo Source: Home Polish

What are some of your challenges when it comes to storing books and magazines? Shop our magazine organisers here.

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