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It's the Little Things: Challenge 11- Photos

Updated: Jan 12, 2021


  • Display your favourite photographs for the world (ok maybe just visitors to your home) to see with the ever popular gallery wall. Select photos by theme and rotate them from time to time whenever you change up your decor.

This will allow you to use photos that may otherwise be hidden away. You will need lots of photo frames and lots of inspiration to get started on your gallery wall. Of course, Pinterest is a fantastic resource for layout ideas.

  • Go through old photo albums to see which ones need an upgrade (e.g. yellowed or loose pages) or where you might want to organise collections differently.

  • Properly store excess photos that you do not have in an album in acid-free boxes or cases. Think about how you want to sort and separate these photos whether by year or family member.


We talked a bit about electronic clutter in our email challenge, photos may present similar issues.

  • While you may delete the poorly taken shots instantly, other purging and organising for digital photos may include duplicates, people you've distanced yourself from or random scenic shots .

  • Always back up your digital photos to the cloud, SD card or flashdrive. For really special printed photos, a scan or snap with your smartphone can also help in preserving a back-up image.

  • Similar to printed photos, think about the best way to organise your digital photos so that are easily shareable and accessible.

While storing photos is easier to manage than tons of shoes or paperwork, ask yourself what exactly you plan to do with all the photos you've taken. That will make the purging process go a lot smoother.

How do you decide which photos go and which photos stay?

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