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It's The Little Things: Challenge 13- Hair Products, Tools and Accessories

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Photo Source: MJ Lewis

Sort and Purge Hair Products

If you subscribe to any beauty boxes or visit the hair care store on a weekly basis, then it’s likely your product stash rivals the store. In order to manage your hair product inventory, be honest about the products that you like and love and that really work for your hair. If you find any tester products when you are sorting (you know those full-sized ones you tried but hated), pass them on to a friend. Of the products remaining, consider separating by frequency of use or styling need.

How to Organise Hair Products

Consider the room in which you prefer to store your products depending on your styling location- closet or bathroom- and whether open or hidden storage will suit your needs. In most cases, a simple basket to keep products upright either on the bathroom counter or in the cabinet will serve you well to contain hair products.

Idea I: Store on a countertop on a tiered stand. Shop similar here.

Photo Source: Polished Habitat

Idea II: Store on a wall-mount or over-door rack. Shop similar here.

Photo Source: Organising Junkie

Idea III: Store under the sink in slide-out baskets. Shop similar here.

Photo Source: The Container Store

Sort and Purge Hair Tools

Like most gadgets and appliances, frequency of use will be a crucial factor in your keep/toss (or give away) decision. Take the opportunity to wipe clean styling gunk and hair from both electric and basic versions. Pitch any broken combs and try to reduce duplicates of your combs and brushes.

How to Organise Hair Tools

In a drawer or on the counter will be important for quick access.

Idea I: Store over the cabinet door in a hair tool caddy. Shop similar here.

Idea II: Store in an overdoor ‘shoe’ bag with your hair products. Shop similar here.

Photo Source: Cosmopolitan

Idea III: Rest them in a drawer.

Photo Source: Organised Housewife

Sort and Purge Hair Accessories

Say goodbye to over stretched or broken hair accessories or styles you no longer fancy. Sorting is particularly important so you ensure you have a good mix of colours and styles (for more focused shopping.) Make sure to also give away the hair accessories in good condition but that you never use.

How to Organise Hair Accessories

Divided containers are the best solution to avoid a jumbled mess of hair bands, pins and clips.

Idea I: Store them in a drawer organiser with your hair tools if your collection is small. Shop similar here.

Photo Source; Redbook Magazine

Idea II: Store in a clear box with dividers. Shop similar here.

Photo Source: Called Blessed

Idea III: Store them on hooks. Shop similar here.

Photo Source: Shady Tree Diary

Show us how and where you store your collection in the comments box.

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