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It's the Little Things: Challenge 14- Streamline Your Cleaning Supplies

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

This particular challenge is a bit like our Décor Closet in that we’re encouraging you to add rather than take away, but trust us it’s all in the name of efficiency.

The big plan for streamlining your cleaning supplies? A cleaning caddy! An actual cleaning caddy (with a handle for portability), a plastic bin or even a small cart can become the storage spots for your cleaning supplies. However, where a cleaning caddy differs from your usual storage areas e.g. under the kitchen or bathroom sink is by ensuring you store products where you use them and group products by function or room.

Therefore you may actually end up with multiple cleaning caddies depending on your needs.

Are we actually that lazy we can’t walk from one room to another for a spray bottle? No, but sometimes you end up walking in circles and then the cleaning task just takes that much longer. And who wants to spend more time than necessary cleaning right?

To set up your cleaning caddy, bring all of your supplies to one location so you identify what you have. Martha Stewart, queen of homekeeping, suggests a cleaning caddy should include the following items:

1. Paper towels, microfiber cloths, a toothbrush, scouring pads, a selection of fresh and old sponges

2. Metal polishes, mild dishwashing soap, all-purpose household cleaner, mild abrasive cleaner, baking soda, white vinegar, glass cleaner

3. Gloves

You may also want to consider a scented spray, a scrubbing brush and maybe a cleaning checklist or two in the mix.

Once you have your supplies all set up in their storage container, be sure to use labels as necessary and keep a running inventory of your items.

One of the major benefits of a cleaning caddy is that your supplies are always at hand for a quick on the spot cleaning when you find a few minutes in your day.

Where do you store your cleaning supplies?

Do you use a cleaning schedule?

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