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It's the Little Things: Challenge 15- Lighten Your Linen Load

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Whether your linens are stored in one closet, several spots throughout the home or stashed in a bag or two under the bed, the volume of linen in your home may surprise you. In this blog post, we highlight the prime items to purge in the linen category.

Sheets and Blankets

We often have several sheet sets for variety or even to colour coordinate with other elements in the room, but how many should you really keep? Apartment Therapy recommends about three sets for each bed (more if you have a bed wetter). How about what fits our storage space? When you’ve reached the max, take a critical look at the linens that you are holding on to.

Purge: Incomplete sheet sets, sheets that are stained, shearing or fading, incorrect sizes for your current furniture

Repurpose: As a drop cloth for other activities, picnics, etc.


Like sheets, some persons rely on towels as décor in their bathroom and that may result in quite a collection. The really minimalist approach would suggest one full-size in use and one in the wash (two per adult in the house) with an equal number of face towels and wash cloths. Also, keep it simple with colour and size to streamline the number of towels in your home.

Purge: Towels with stains, frayed edges and shredding

Repurpose: Cut and use for cleaning or for drying the dogs.


Are pretty new curtains at the window for Christmas primarily a Bajan thing? When purging curtains, throwing away is not necessarily the default option, you can sell through online marketplaces or swap with a friend or relative.

Take the opportunity in your de-cluttering to go through tablecloths, cushion covers and all other specialty linens in your home.

How will you contain the piles? Shelf dividers, baskets and vacuum bags are great options. Read more in our Linen Closet Organisation post.

· How many sheet sets do you have per bed and towels per person?

· Do you practice the one in-one out rule with linens?

· What are some space-saving ways your linens?

Share your tips and ideas for organising linens in the comments box.

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