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It's the Little Things- Challenge 17: Neaten up your Nightstand

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Nightstands a.k.a. secret clutter catch-alls will usually have a counter area and at least one drawer.

For the counter:

-Limit what you store on the counter to the every day essentials for the space such as a cordless phone or remotes.

-Make it pretty with decor that offers visual mood enhancement. For ideas on styling a nightstand check out this post from This Is Our Bliss.

Photo Source: Real Simple

For the drawer:

-Use drawer organisers- these are a no brainer solution to effortless organising. Select the size and type to fit your space and personal preferences.

-Process the contents with some frequency. At least monthly, take a few minutes to discard old tissues and paper and return items to their proper home.

If you don’t have a nightstand, you can consider:

Photo Source: BuzzFeed

A horizontal organiser flipped upside down:

Photo Source: BHG

Photo Source: BHG

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