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It’s The Little Things Organising Challenges: A Recap of our 26 Challenges for 2016

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

One of the essential principles to remember on your path to be more organised is that it’s not about perfection. The main goal should be to ensure that your items are accessible and that you have an efficient use of space.

We conceptualised these organising challenges with that goal in mind. Further, we recognise that for most people, there is a struggle with only a handful of areas or clutter hot-spots but ‘it’s the little things’ that affect your peace of mind and how you feel about your home.

De-cluttering by whatever method or measure you use is THE foundation for all organising efforts.

Therefore, we intended to cover a broad range of rooms and mini spots within the home. If the particular challenge did not resonate with you, you could take a break, share your space and your own tips. Jump in at any point, but make sure you focus on the specific challenge through to completion.

We introduced a new space every two weeks- pacing yourself is so important in the process!

Along with our tips, we sought to include a mix of inspirational photos and our favourite product finds.

Most importantly though, we believe that you should keep your organising solution true to you. For instance, maybe a key basket to drop keys in works better for you than hanging keys on a rack.

We skipped a dedicated post for three of the challenges that would have been published directly on our Facebook page. They were so straight-forward and simple to do (once you dedicate the time to do them).

They were:

Challenge 26: Pitch broken stuff

Challenge 5: Repair and mend clothing and shoes you intend to keep.

Challenge 12: Return items you’ve borrowed.

Here’s a listing of all of our 2016 Organising Challenges:

Challenge 24: Sentimental Items

Challenge 23: Storing and Disposing of Medicines

Challenge 22: De-clutter Your Desk

Challenge 21: De-clutter Chaotic Counters

Challenge 20: Time to Deal with Toy Overload

Challenge 19: Minimise Food Waste and Sort Your Fridge

Challenge 18: What to Get Rid of When it Comes to Accessories:

Challenge 17: Neaten up your Nightstand

Challenge 16: De-clutter Old Electronics

Challenge 15: Lighten Your Linen Load

Challenge 14: Streamline Your Cleaning Supplies

Challenge 13: Hair Tools, Products and Accessories

Challenge 12: Return items you’ve borrowed

Challenge 11: Photos

Challenge 10: Clear Your Car Clutter

Challenge 9: Paring Down Books and Magazines

Challenge 8: De-cluttering Makeup

Challenge 7: A Décor Closet

Challenge 6: The Etc Drawer

Challenge 5: Repair and mend clothing and shoes you intend to keep

Challenge 4: Organising Under the Kitchen and Bathroom Sink:

Challenge 3: Organising Garden Tools

Challenge 2: Kitchen Appliances

Challenge 1: Electronic Clutter in the form of Email

Find them all in one place here.

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