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It's the Little Things: Challenge 7- A Decor Closet

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Photo Source: Fox Hollow Cottage

We’ve all been there- wanting to inject a fresh look into our space without investing in all new accessories. When we stumbled across the concept of an accessory closet on I Heart Organising, it was the perfect solution.

This challenge breaks the rules a bit by encouraging unused collections, but actually relies less on accumulating new items. The idea is that you shop your home to re-decorate your space. Such a concept is fantastic for items like picture frames, vases and wall art. It’s like a clothes swap for your home and you’re the only participant.

By mixing and rotating the décor and accent pieces you display in different areas of your home, your main objective to refresh your space is met.

From time to time then, you’ll need to rest certain pieces and that’s where the closet (or shelf or box) comes in. And remember, it’s never clutter if you love it, use it and have easy access to it.

Key takeaways for décor and your décor closet:

· Be very strict about managing the space so you know when you’ve reached capacity

· Opt for pillow covers (easier to manage the bulk) than brand new pillows

· Maintain a consistent colour palette- note we did not say beige, all beige, everywhere! A colour palette can be as many as six complementary colours used in different tones or in different combinations throughout your home

· Keep track of what you have

For more information on storage for home decor and home accesories, make sure to check out I Heart Organising's post.

Teal and Lime’s Free Decorating e-book (sign-up required) goes in-depth here.

And then there’s Fox Hollow Cottage’s entire room, we swear could be a store found here.

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